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Because, Animals is a small company with a big mission: To make the most sustainable and nutritious food for dogs and cats on the planet — without ever harming any animals or the environment. 

We are also the only pet company making cultured meat for your cats and dogs! Cultured meat is identical to traditional meat. It’s 100% meat! The only difference is our animal cells grow inside a  vat (like beer!) instead of inside an animal. 

Our first cultured meat product is available for pre-order now! Harmless Hunt(™) Mouse Cookies for Cats with Cultured Meat is the world’s first CPG product made with cultured meat. This achievement also marks the first cookie for cats that includes the cat’s native protein source — mouse! And not a single mouse was harmed. 

By supporting Because, Animals you will help reduce the carbon footprint of pet food and the raising of farm animals for slaughter. And, importantly, you'll also be aiding in the creation of safer and more nutritious food for our pets. 

Because, Animals, founded in 2016, is the first and only biotech company bringing cultured meat to the growing pet food market. Because, Animals begins with humanely harvested cells, nourished by inputs to multiply and grow, for pet foods that are safer, healthier, and more sustainable than any conventional factory farmed pet foods. Because, Animals has innovated a proprietary alternative to fetal bovine serum, a growth medium inhumanely obtained from the slaughter of pregnant cows that is typically used to produce other cell-based meats. The company intends to widely release its first cultured meat products in 2022. The company also offers a line of meat-free organic treats and healthy supplements for dogs and cats. Investors include Draper Associates, SOSV and others. The company is headquartered in Chicago.
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"The biotech startup Because, Animals is the first to focus on pet food, and hopes to launch its first products—including a “mouse cookie” snack for cats—by 2022. “The ultimate goal of most cultured meat companies is to create a product that will allow animals to be taken out of the food supply chain,” Shannon Falconer, CEO and cofounder of Because, Animals, said in an email. “And, given that humans are the largest consumers of traditional meat, it makes sense to focus on humans when making a cultured meat product. However, something that most people are unaware of is that, in addition to humans, there is another hugely significant population driving the animal agriculture industry forward: our pets.”"
There are now lab-grown mouse-meat cookies for cats
Fast Company - August 16, 2020
"The CEO of pet food start-up Because Animals, Shannon Falconer, doesn’t eat meat and hasn’t for years, but the former Stanford microbiologist and longtime animal rescue volunteer says she never denied her pets the meat they craved. After all, cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores in the wild. Falconer and Because Animals co-founder Joshua Errett (also an experienced animal rescuer) have been working to make pet foods that cater to cats’ and dogs’ “ancestral diet,” but do not require slaughtering animals, or raising them in an industrial setting."
Meet the company making mouse meat cat treats without harming animals
CNBC - August 15, 2021
"“Our mission is almost the exact same as Impossible Foods, which is reduce or eliminate factory farming, which has this giant environmental footprint,” Josh Errett, CFO of Because Animals, told Marketplace. “I mean, calling it a ‘footprint’ is too nice. It’s an environmental disaster.”"
Our Environmental Disaster Begins With Our Words
Forbes - May 31, 2021
"Among these visionaries are Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett, the founders of Because Animals, a firm based in Philadelphia. They have taken the idea to what might be seen as its logical conclusion, for the starting point for their cultured cat food is that favourite feline prey, a mouse."
Pets May Soon Be Fed Laboratory-Grown Meat
The Economist - January 30, 2021
""The main sources of protein in pet food of course are the remnants of the human food system, and they’re the cheapest and most convenient to give our pets,” says Shannon Falconer, chief executive and co-founder of Because Animals. “We saw this as a real opportunity to grow a meat that is [in] the [animals'] ancestral diet.”"
Will you eat lab-grown meat? Your pet will.
The Boston Globe - July 17, 2020
"“Cats and dogs consume more than 25% of the US meat supply. Pet food company Because Animals wants to see those diets replaced with meat grown in the lab.”"
Out of the lab and into your frying pan: the advance of cultured meat
The Guardian - January 19, 2020
"To satisfy cats’ appetite for meat while offering owners a way out of their environmental and ethical guilt, some startups are developing slaughter-free meat. US-based Because Animals, for instance, is growing animal tissue in the lab."
Pet owners are turning their animals vegan. It's not a good idea
Wired UK - September 12, 2019
"One notable thing about Because Animals’s proprietary technology is that it requires no animal products whatsoever to create."
Biotech Startups Pounce on Cultured Pet Food
Entrepreneur - October 02, 2019
Cultured Meat: The Future of Pet Food
Read about the science and rationale behind cultured meat for pets in our new white paper, written by our CEO, Dr. Shannon Falconer.
Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize - January 29, 2020
Pet Innovation Challenge Award - October 10, 2019
Shannon Falconer
CEO & Co-founder
Shannon Falconer is the CEO and co-founder of Because Animals, a biotech start-up creating nutritious, sustainable, cultured meat pet food. Shannon holds a Masters degree in Biochemistry, a PhD in Chemical Biology, and worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at Stanford University prior to co-founding Because Animals in 2016. Shannon has spent decades volunteering in the animal rescue community and is a fur mom to two amazing rescue dogs, Gaia and Nori – both failed fosters!
Joshua Errett
COO & Co-founder
Joshua Errett has worked as a journalist, banker and, most importantly, cat rescuer. After he graduated with an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, he set out to use his business skills and feline knowledge to help animals. He lives with three cats right now but always assumes he's about to take in another.
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