March 08, 2021

Because, Animals Rebrand Release

Because Animals Unveils New Brand Geared Toward Release of Cultured Meat Pet Food

Media Contact: Samantha Grice -

March 8, Chicago, Ill

Because Animals – the only pet food company growing cultured meat for dogs and cats – has unveiled an appropriately futuristic new look at the start of 2021.

Dogs in sidecars zooming towards a brighter horizon. Rocket ships blasting off. Pets leaping into a sunnier future — a future where feeding meat to pets won’t come at the expense to the planet or other animals — are the design elements depicted on the company’s new, environmentally-friendly packaging, made from recycled water bottles. The new look was recognized by acclaimed design site, Typewolf, who gave Because Animals site of the day billing.

This updated branding marks a distinctive look apart from other pet food brands as the biotech company prepares for the release of their first cultured meat products by the end of 2021. 

Making Cultured Meat

Many pet owners will ask, what is cultured meat? (You can watch the company’s Explainer video here.) While it’s not a household term today, it will be in the near future. Cultured meat is identical to traditional meat. It’s 100% meat. The only difference is the animal cells grow inside a fermenter (like beer) instead of inside an animal. Because Animals is growing their cultured meat to be incorporated into foods for cats and dogs.

“Cultured meat means safer and healthier meat for pets without any of the negative impacts associated with factory farmed meat,” explains Because Animals CEO, Dr. Shannon Falconer. “No animals raised inhumanely for slaughter. No mass environmental damage and waste of natural resources. And no risk to pet and public health in terms of bacterial contamination, antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19,” explains Falconer who has a PhD in microbiology.

Tiny Logo Change
The company’s new logo sports the addition of punctuation between Because and Animals – a transformative comma that highlights why the founders started the company: Because, Animals.

Co-founders Shannon Falconer, PhD and Joshua Errett, MBA, met while working at the same cat rescue charity. The two bonded over the shared quandary of having to feed their pets other animals as well as a desire to end the reliance of pet food on factory farming. 

Color Palette for the Planet

The fresh color palette of Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, Sky Blue and Blush Pink, also supports the founding mission of looking forward to a more positive future where meat for pets is cultured instead of slaughtered thus reducing the staggering toll of agriculture on our planet

New Packaging, Same Great Products

While the company works to bring their cultured meat to market, they continue to sell their current roster of plant-based products, which have gained something of a cult following. The names and packaging of these products have also had a makeover but the recipes and ingredients remain the same.

The Superfood & Probiotic Supplement for Dogs (over 500, 5-Star Reviews!) is now called Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs — a title change that not only highlights the ingredients pet parents are most interested in, but also the ones that deliver a visible impact on the health of pups in terms of immune health, shinier coats and improved digestion. The supplement includes a powerful, proven probiotic, seaweed, pumpkin, blueberry and more. 

The Superfood & Probiotic Supplement for Cats has also been rebranded as Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Cats touting the same health benefits and topline ingredients. 

Noochies, the company’s inaugural dog cookie, now comes in new packaging, but inside it’s still an all-natural, certified organic and human-grade biscuit made with peanut butter, banana, ancient grains, coconut oil, flaxseed, applesauce and, the superstar ingredient, nutritional yeast commonly known as “nooch”. 

Because Animals is a small company with a big mission: to create nutritious pet food without ever harming any animals or the planet. 

Why? Because, Animals.

For more information contact:
Samantha Grice, Marketing Director