About us

Our Story

Because Animals started out of our love for animals.

We volunteered for years at the same cat rescue charity in Toronto—we may have even worked to help the same cats. But somehow we never crossed paths.

We would meet much later, while Shannon was working as a microbiologist at Stanford University and Joshua was earning his MBA from Indiana University.

We connected over the same problem: how do we feed our pets without hurting other animals and in turn the environment?

Our answer is Because Animals: a company making nutritious, sustainable and cruelty-free pet food.

Shannon + Joshua

Because Animals founders


Shannon Falconer, Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Falconer has a PhD in microbial chemical biology from McMaster University, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. In addition to her academic pursuits, Shannon has spent over a decade volunteering in the animal rescue community, and has been inspired by the love of hundreds of cats and dogs (and more than a few incredible humans). Shannon and her two dogs enjoy a plant-based diet.

Email Shannon: shannon@becauseanimals.com

Joshua Errett, Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Errett has worked as a journalist, banker and, most importantly, cat rescuer in Toronto, Ontario. After he graduated with an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, he set out to use his business skills and feline knowledge to help animals. He lives with three cats right now but always assumes he's about to take in another.

Email Joshua: joshua@becauseanimals.com


Dr Erika the Globe-Trotting Vet.jpeg

Dr. Erika Sullivan, Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Erika Sullivan, also known as The Globetrotting Veterinarian, graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, where she led a successful campaign to end the euthanasia of animals used in surgical training. Erika makes routine visits to Thailand where she treats disabled elephants; leads a yearly spay-neuter clinic in India; and is a PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor, which allows her to better promote the protection of marine life.


Trots after digging.jpg

Trots, Dog consultant

Trots is a mixed-breed chihuahua who is Shannon’s failed foster from the SPCA in San Francisco, California. Trots has been Because Animals’ lead taste tester for dog products since 2016.

Boston, Cat consultant

Boston is a medium-hair black cat with a white tip on the end of his tail, rescued off the street in 2013. Boston took the role of Because Animals chief feline tester in 2016. He loves his work and his life.


What can we do?

We’re pet parents, just like you. We can start by no longer feeding our pets factory-farmed slaughterhouse animals. That’s the driving force behind our work at Because Animals: We make ultra-nutritious animal-free pet food products so you don’t have to choose between the health of your pet, the wellness of other animals or the environment.

Thank you for joining our mission!

Together we can create a better tomorrow for people, our environment and animals everywhere.