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The future of pet food.

Our pets should be fed foods that are as safe and nutrient-packed as the foods that we humans feed ourselves. 

But including animal protein in our pets' diets comes at great expense to other animals, the future of our planet, and food security for people.

Because Animals makes ultra-nutritious animal-free pet food products so you don’t have to choose between the health of your pet, the wellness of other animals or the environment.


Sprinkle these superfoods on your dog or cat's food to supercharge pet nutrition.


Superfood Supplement for Dogs

Superfood Supplement for Cats


Our Mission

The status quo in commercial pet food manufacture relies on intensive animal agriculture—an unsustainable, inhumane and destructive technology that is bad for people, pets, animals and our planet. This has no place in pet nutrition.

Our Ingredients

Our nutrient-packed, human-grade, animal-free and environmentally sustainable ingredients are the driving force behind our work at Because Animals. 


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