The best, Compared to the rest

Take a look at other supplements on the market to see why Because Animals Superfood Supplements are the best!


Other supplements in the pet food aisle

Fish oil

Although fish oil carries a healthy balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, those omegas stored in the fish all come from the same source: algae. For our Superfood Supplements, we went directly to the source and provide your pet with nutrient-dense seaweeds that contain an omega 3 to 6 ratio of 1:1. And, unlike fish oil, our algae provides a sustainable supply of omega fatty acids.


Kelp is a super healthy addition to dog's and cat's diet, which is why we add it to our supplement. But unlike other supplements, we don’t stop with kelp. We include six more types of seaweed—all hand-harvested from the clean, cold Canadian Atlantic, and all loaded with different and complementary nutrients to provide your pet with maximum benefit.


Probiotics are not all created equal! When it comes to your pet, there are lots of probiotics to choose from. But for our supplement blend, we've included the best. That’s why we chose Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086—a probiotic strain proven to have digestive, immune, and overall health benefits by more than 20 scientific studies.

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