Animals I Live With: Katy Redding, pet parent to Jaxon and Greycie

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Meet Katy Redding and her two stunning, silver Weimaraners, Jaxon and Greycie, who live in Waco, Texas. You’re going to want to follow their Instagram for more beautiful photos: @Jaxandgrey

How many animals do you live with?

We are a two animal and two human household.  Jaxon will be 10 in November and Greycie turned 1 this past August. 

How long have you known each other?

We met Jaxon when he was 7 weeks old and Greyice when she was 15 weeks old. 

How did you meet?

We met Jaxon at a ranch in North Texas. He lived in a big red barn for the first seven weeks along with his Weim Mom and Dad and litter mates. Nine years later we needed a companion for Jaxon and saw an ad on the internet for someone looking to re-home their 15 week old Weimaraner who lived in an apartment in Waco, Texas. The next day we brought Greycie home to meet Jaxon and she's fit in perfectly ever since.  

Was it love at first site or do you recall the moment when you knew it was love?

With Jaxon it was love at first sight. He was the biggest dopiest of all the puppies in the barn and I immediately knew he was the one for us. Greycie is the complete polar opposite of Jaxon. She is very tiny and nimble compared to their breed standard, but also very clever and intelligent which requires an above average amount of physical activity and mental stimulation. Like any relationship, it's taken a little work but she is now the perfect complement to our family. 

How do you guys best like to spend time together?

We love spending our family time together taking walks or going swimming in their "grand paw-rents" pool.  


What’s the funniest habit your pet has?

Greycie loves to steal socks from the dirty laundry pile and then brings them to us while howling.  

What’s their most annoying/funny habit?

Jaxon has severe separation anxiety and is very destructive when left alone.  Greycie has a very strong prey drive and will hunt (and eat) bugs until she tosses her cookies. 

What is your pet’s current state of mind?

Jaxon has a very calm demeanour unless left alone without a dog or human companion.  He is almost 10 and strives to make us happy and create a calm environment and is empathetic towards others. Being that Greycie is one, she is in play mode all day long. From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed she is ready for a game of fetch. 

What makes your pet happiest?

Jaxon responds best to verbal praise and a good belly rub, while Greycie is happiest when she is chasing a tennis ball.  

What things do you do to keep your pet healthy or to optimize their health?

We hate chemicals especially if they're not needed. We feed Jaxon and Greycie all natural food free of artificial ingredients and use essential oils as a flea preventative.

What is your pet’s favourite treat?

Jaxon and Greycie love a nice crunchy carrot, or for a special treat a bite of mom or dad's steak.  

What does your morning routine with pet look like?

Jaxon and Greycie usually wake us up in the morning around 6:30. They wake up hungry and ready to eat, so we usually let them out to potty and feed them first thing in the morning.  

And what about the bedtime routine?

Jaxon can just about sleep anywhere. Greycie insists on being completely wrapped up in her red blanket at bedtime. 



When you look deep into your dogs’ eyes, what do you think each of them is really thinking?

Jaxon just wants to be loved, and since he knows that what we think will influence our behavior towards him, he looks into our eyes to gain insights on how we feel. Greycie is young and wants to play 24/7, so when we stare into her eyes we can tell she is looking for a command or direction on how to play.  

What does your pet dream about?

Jaxon regularly flicks his paws, twitches his legs, and even barks loudly in his sleep. I like to think he's chasing birds and squirrels in his sleep. Greycie doesn't seem to fall into the REM sleep as much as Jaxon does, but when she does I'm sure she is chasing tennis balls.