Animals I Live With: Rhonda Hartling and her dog Jeb

Animals I Live With is an occasional series in which we profile people and their pets. Want to be featured? Get in touch here.

Rhonda and her pal Jeb live in Toronto, Ontario, and might be found walking along Lake Ontario. Follow their wilderness adventures here: @rhartling



How many animals do you live with?

Just one amazing dog.

Name(s), please.

Jeb, Jebaroo, Jebadoo, Jebediah, Jebster, Buddy, Fancy Prancy, Twinkle Toes, Monkey and Monk are the most common ones - some others are a bit embarrassing for me to tell you.

How long have you known each other?

3 years, 4 months.

How did you meet?

I saw his photo on the Instagram page of a wonderful dog rescue, called Save Our Scruff.

We arranged a first date.

Was it love at first site or do you recall the moment when you knew it was love?

I can't recall the very first moment because I'm over 40. But when we first started going for walks, he'd stop and look up at me with the sweetest expression. As if to say, "isn't this so great" and "I really love you" - I'm sure I'm not anthropomorphizing here.

How do you guys best like to spend time together?

Outdoor adventures, like trail walks/runs and illegal swimming in the summer. If I had lots of money, I'd buy the beach and make it off leash.

What’s the funniest habit your pet has?

A very wide array of sounds, mostly contentment sounds but some to express excitement. Oh and sometimes he wags his tail in his sleep. That's pretty funny.

What’s their most annoying habit?

He's perfect.

What is your pet’s current state of mind?

Patient. Sort of. It's early morning and he's waiting for me to finish this so I can take him for a walk.

What makes your pet happiest?

I'd like to say it was the peaceful early morning walks we have together, but it might be roughhousing with my husband.

What things do you do to keep your pet healthy or to optimize their health?

Lots of exercise, raw turkey diet with extra steamed vegetables, Because Animals Superfood Supplement for Dogs, and a raw bone once a week.

What does your morning routine with pet look like?

About an hour or two before the alarm goes off, Jeb hops up into bed for some snuggling. He's actually my alarm now.

And what about the bedtime routine?

He used to wait till we went to bed but now he'll take himself up to bed when he's ready.

When you look deep into your pet’s eyes, what do you think he/she is really thinking?

His depth of love for me and treats... not necessarily in that order.

What does your pet dream about?

That time he caught a squirrel, most likely.

Can you draw a picture of your pet? (or send a photo)

Be careful when you ask for photos of someone's pet. I'll include one here and can WeTransfer you a couple thousand later on.