Because Animals’ Cultured Meat Pet Food: Healthier and Safer for Your Pet

We often write about how cultured meat is better for farmed animals, since cultured meat does not rely on animals being bred and slaughtered for meat production. 

We’ve also written a lot about the immense and destructive impact that factory farming has on the environment  — a quarter of which is directly attributable to the foods that Americans feed their cats and dogs.

But we haven’t spent as much time talking about the issue that is closest to pet parents' hearts, and that is the health and safety of their most trusting companions, their cats and dogs. 

Did you know that every year, multiple times a year, the FDA issues recalls on pet food products, typically due to bacterial or chemical contamination, including the animal euthanizing agent, pentobarbital? 

Because Animals’ cultured meat pet food will be safer for pets as it will be free from these common contaminants:

And, unlike meat produced from farmed animals, where a recent report showed that 100% of the meat tested positive for fecal bacteria, Because Animals’ cultured meat is free from pathogenic bacteria and viruses. By developing custom screening panels, Because Animals’ can ensure the absence of those bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including coronaviruses), to confirm the absolute safety of our cultured meat products. 

Our cultured meat will also be healthier for pets as it will include nutrients commonly missing from most commercial foods, and will be made from the protein source your pet evolved eating — such as mouse for cats, and rabbit for dogs.

One of the coolest things about cultured meat is that we can grow it in a way that maximizes the nutritional profile of the meat. Meaning, that instead of having to add all of the vitamins and minerals back to the meat (as is needed with current commercial pet food — just take a look at any pet food ingredient label and you’ll see the long list!) our meat already contains all of those nutrients your pet needs to thrive. 

In short, our cultured meat will have all the nutritional goodness of meat (it is in fact 100% meat) without the problems of conventional meat. And, with our technology, we can continue to give our pets the foods they currently eat, without mass environmental damage, animal cruelty or health risks. 

Cultured meat is the only path forward.