Does Lab Grown Meat Cause Any Harm to Animals?

Does lab grown meat, also called cultured meat, cause any harm to animals? The short answer is no.

We started this company out of a love and respect for all animals. Our mission is to replace factory farmed meat in pet food with something actually humane. We even put the reason we started the company in our name.

We are pet parents and we no longer want to support an industry that raises animals, in inhumane conditions, for slaughter. We no longer want to feed our pets other animals. 

And so it follows that our top priority is to ensure the health, safety and happiness of all animals. All of our products are made without slaughtering animals. Our current products are made without animals and our upcoming, cultured meat pet food products are grown with animal cells.

Understandably, our cultured meat products inspire a lot of questions (a few more answers can be read HERE) and two of the most common ones are around ensuring that no harm comes to any creatures. Here are the answers to those questions:

Q: How do you 100% ensure that growing cultured meat never harms any animals?

A: To start the process of growing our cultured meat we collect a small sample of animal cells. To grow our cultured mouse cat treat, for example, we rescued three mice from a lab where they were going to be used for research purposes and then euthanized. 

To obtain the small sample of skin, which was taken from their ears, they were given a mild anesthetic so they would not feel any pain. A veterinarian performed both of these procedures. 

And now these three cuties live in a large, homemade hutch made by one of our scientists and they are very well cared for, and adored, by her and her family. This is where they will live out their days. (Since they were born into captivity, only to be tested on by researchers, there is no natural habitat or wild to return them to.)

To summarize: The animal cells to grow our cultured meat will always be collected in a humane way to ensure no harm comes to the animal. And, after we collect the cells, we will always ensure the animals are safe and happy for the rest of their natural lives. 

Q: And what about the controversial Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)? Do you use it?

A: Because Animals does not use FBS, which involves the inhumane practice of extracting blood from pregnant cows at slaughter. Instead, we have developed an animal-free proprietary media that provides the nutrients and growth factors needed for tissue to grow all without the requirement of FBS. You can read more about the steps to grow our cultured meat HERE.

Overall, we want you to know that our cultured meat is 100% meat. It is nutritionally-identical to conventional meat. But in contrast to traditional meat, our cultured meat is grown without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones; and without animal suffering and slaughter. And it doesn’t cause environmental damage!

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