Dogs Are Omnivores: What Do You Feed Your Pup?

Dogs evolved from wolves thousands of years ago (30,000 to be exact), a fact that is easy to forget with the sheer number of brands marketing high protein, grain-free diets for dogs that mirror that of the wolf. 

The modern dog is an omnivore. This means they require a balance of proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, and healthy fats in their diet to maintain optimal health. So while dogs may have descended from wolves, metabolically and genetically speaking, their nutritional needs are quite different. 

And many dogs live very healthy lives on nutritionally-complete, plant-based diets.

All of that said, the majority of dog owners still want to feed their dogs meat!

This is why we are creating nutritionally-complete cultured meat pet food for both dogs and cats. It’s the ideal solution for earth-conscious pet parents who want a safer, healthier meat option for their pets that also doesn’t cause harm to the environment or other animals.  

How much meat do you prefer to include in your dog's diet? Please answer the question below! Thank you in advance.


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