Is Cultured Meat Vegan? Is Cultured Meat a Meat Alternative? Is Cultured Meat Plant-Based?

dog looking curious about cultured meatWe get a lot of these kinds of questions and the short answer is: No. Cultured meat is not vegan, it is not plant-based, nor is it a meat alternative. Cultured meat is meat. But we totally understand the confusion! Let us explain.

The rise in plant-based meat alternatives is at an all-time peak. And many of these companies, such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, are producing plant-based products, such as burgers and sausages, that replicate the taste, look and texture of traditional meat. 

As well, these companies exist for the same reasons that we do: To remove factory farmed meat from the food chain as doing so will have a massive and positive impact on the environment, it will stop the abuse of animals being raised and slaughtered for food, and it will greatly benefit public health. On these things we are aligned!

But we are not creating a plant-based, alternative meat product. We are growing (aka culturing) meat.

What is meat?

It helps to understand what meat actually is. All meat is simply a collection of animal cells. Meat in the traditional sense happens when these cells grow inside a body. But, when given the right nutrients, these cells can also grow inside a container we call a bioreactor. The end result in both scenarios is 100% meat.

Because Animals is making meat for pet food that is nutritionally identical to traditional animal meat. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  1. To start the process of growing our cultured meat we collect a small sample of animal cells. We do this in the most humane way possible to ensure no harm comes to the animal. 
  2. From that sample we isolate the necessary cells and feed them a mixture of protein, vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients. Then we pop them into a bioreactor (it’s like a womb!) where those cells grow and divide to form a collection of tissue that is ultimately cultured meat. 
  3. Harvest time! We simply collect the meat from the bioreactor and incorporate this meat into our nutritious recipes for treats and food for cats and dogs.

In short:  Cultured meat is meat. Our meat is grown in a way that is different from the way traditional meat is grown. Our meat will be free of the common contaminants found in traditional meat. It also will not bring harm to the planet or to other animals. We’re producing that same ingredient your pet loves and thrives on, we’re just doing it without the animal.