The Best Immune Booster for Dogs and Cats - Probiotics!

As winter approaches, many of us start thinking about ways to give our immune systems a boost so that we stay free of colds and flus (this year especially!). Pets can also benefit from this seasonal planning.

For both pets and humans, a healthy immune system starts in the digestive tract. In fact, the healthy bacteria (aka, probiotics) in your gut play a number of pivotal roles in maintaining optimal health, in addition to immunity, such as reducing the risk of infections, and ensuring proper digestion. 

Alternatively, when the gut is devoid of healthy bacteria, poor immunity and digestion are only two of the negative health issues that can arise.

For example, during periods of stress or sickness, when taking medications (especially antibiotics), and through the aging process, the microbiota change, and in many cases, some of the healthy bacteria are replaced by more nasty ones. There have been thousands of scientific studies linking an unhealthy microbiota with disease states as varied as cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, and more. 

Our Superfood & Probiotic Supplements (one for dogs, one for cats) contains over 250 million active probiotics per gram of the supplement. This is research-proven beneficial bacteria to help support immune and gut health.

And while probiotics are one of the most powerful ways to maintain optimal health, our supplements also contains essential trace minerals that help support healthy metabolic, cardiovascular and digestive functions and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote skin and coat health.

Stay healthy everyone!