Why Because Animals' loves cultured foods, and, specifically cultured meat

We love cultured foods for a variety of reasons. 

First, we are smitten with probiotics, such as the ones in our Superfood & Probiotic Supplements, one for cats, one for dogs. Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits to those - human, cat or dog! - who consume them. Probiotics, also referred to as healthy bacteria, have been scientifically shown to play pivotal roles in supporting healthy digestion, improved immunity, and in reducing the risk of infection by pathogenic microbes.

But our love of cultures doesn’t stop there. Enter nutritional yeast. This cultured ingredient is not only an excellent source of B vitamins, it is also one of the few options for animal-free, sustainable, complete protein. We love nooch, as nutritional yeast is affectionately known, so much we built our first dog cookie, Noochies, around this superstar ingredient!

But of the various cultured products we adore, we are most in love with cultured meat. Almost all current commercial pet food is made with the animal by-products of the factory farming industry. There are three big problems with factory farming in terms of pet food. Factory farmed meat is:

  1. Bad for our pets. Every year, multiple times a year, the FDA issues recalls on pet food products, typically due to bacterial or chemical contamination, including the animal euthanizing agent, pentobarbital.
  2. Bad for farmed animals. Horrendous animal abuse and suffering has been well documented on factory farms.
  3. Bad for people. Over a quarter of the environmental effects of the factory farming industry in terms of deforestation, water, and fossil fuel use are directly attributable to the food that Americans feed their cats and dogs.

Culture-grown meat will result in none of these problems. And for those reasons we love it and are right now working very hard to produce cultured meat pet food for your dogs and cats.