You Are Plant-Based, But Your Cat Can't Be

Plant-based pet parent, cat is obligate carnivoreHere’s a scenario we hear often: you are plant-based and avoid meat, dairy, fish, eggs and any animal products. But then, as an animal-lover, you have a cat or dog, and thus are buying many pounds of meat per week.

And therein lies the dilemma of the plant-based pet parent: you adore your cat or dog, but feeding them meat from other animals makes you feel terrible.

We can relate. This ethical quandary is why we started this company. 

Obligate Carnivores

While humans simply do not need the nutrients found in meat to thrive, cats need them to survive. Cats are obligate carnivores and their required key nutrients can only be found in animal tissue. Currently, this means feeding our cats the output from factory farms. 

Cultured Meat is the Answer

But we are working on a solution! Our team is hard at work to produce cultured meat pet food. 

Cultured meat is quite simply meat grown in a bioreactor instead of in an animal. It is 100% meat and has the same nutritional value and composition as animal­-based meat. Though in contrast to traditional meat, our cultured meat is grown without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones; and without animal suffering and slaughter. And it doesn’t cause environmental damage.

Safer and Healthier

Our meat will also be safer for pets as it won’t contain any of the contaminants that traditional meat is at risk of such as: fecal contamination, pentobarbital, animal by-products, 4D meat (dead, diseased, dying and disabled animals), growth hormones, Listeria and Salmonella.

Our meat will also be healthier as we can grow it in a way that maximizes the nutritional profile

Breaking Your Connection to Factory Farming

We know that many plant-based pet parents won’t ever go back to eating meat in any form, cultured or traditional, and now there is a solution for your pet that will break your very last connection to the factory farm industry. Cultured meat for pets means you can continue to give your dogs and cats the nutrients they need to thrive, without mass environmental damage, animal cruelty or health risks.