We've Gone Plastic-Free With New 100% Compostable, Resealable Packaging!

Dear Because Animals Customers,

We at Because Animals are very excited to announce our move to 100% compostable packaging! This means your next order of our Probiotic & Superfood Supplements for dogs and cats will come in resealable, COMPOSTABLE, non-plastic pouches.

We use 100% compostable packaging because we are deeply committed to causing zero harm to animals and our environment.

Because Animals is creating the most sustainable pet food humanly possible, and so it only makes sense that we don’t use plastic. Plastic—like meat production—has an extremely negative impact on the environment and animals. And as stewards of the environment and life-long animal lovers, we won’t be using either of them.

Our end goal at Because Animals is to nurture and protect all animals—from those swimming in the ocean to our fellow humans. And for us, that means a strict NO PLASTIC policy for any of our products.

By adding Because Animals’ human-grade supplements to your pets’ food, your dogs and cats will continue to receive all of the same wonderful health benefits as beforethe only difference being that when it’s finished, you just toss the pouch in the compost bin! 

To thank you for making the world a better place with us, use BACKINSTOCK to receive 15% off your next order. 

Thank you for being a Because Animals customer.


Dr. Shannon Falconer and the Because Animals’ team