Healthy Dog + Cat Superfood & Probiotic Bundle

$40 $48

Is your home blessed with the presence of both a cat and a dog? If so, you can now save on your probiotics by ordering our Dog + Cat bundle!

Our Superfood & Probiotic Supplement, one for dogs, one for cats, support coat, immune and digestive health. Our loyal customers are thrilled with the health benefits their pets have received including improvements in digestion, reduction in allergies and the itching and scratching that accompany those allergies. They rave that their pets' coats have never been shinier or softer.

Benefits of our Superfood & Probiotic Supplements:

  1. Your pet's overall health. Essential trace minerals help support healthy metabolic, cardiovascular and digestive functions.
  2. A beautiful, healthy coat. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote skin and coat health.
  3. Probiotics. Research-proven beneficial bacteria help support immune and gut health.
  4. Made-in-the-USA, high-quality ingredients. Everything in Because Animals Superfood Supplement is human-grade.