A short history
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The company is founded.


Because Animals is founded! Shannon and Joshua started with the idea that factory farming has no place in pet nutrition. The two founders would initially focus on seaweed as a way to feed cats and dogs.

First prototype is launched.

Shannon gets into the lab and has a revelation: cultured meat is the solution to feed the world. She would discover a way to culture meat for a cat treat, and developed a prototype treat within a few months! Josh's cat Frankie loved the treat, becoming the first cat to ever eat cultured meat.

Cultured meat for pets.


Because Animals continues to work on animal nutrition that doesn't harm the environment or other animals – the only company focused on cultured meat for cats and dogs.

Meet the founders.


Josh and Shannon volunteered for years at the same cat rescue in Toronto. There they helped improve the lives of homeless cats and ease the overpopulation of strays and ferals. But the problem they truly bonded over was what they were feeding those cats: overprocessed, oversupplemented meats from animals that cats were not meant to eat. And more than that, factory farms, the source of the vast majority of pet food, is devastating to the climate, our environment and to the lives of farmed animals.

And so, while Shannon was working as a microbiologist at Stanford University and Josh was finishing his MBA from Indiana University, they came up with a solution to a problem they both thought a lot about: How do we feed our pets without harming other animals or the environment? The answer: Because, Animals.