Cultured Meat

  • What is cultured meat?

    Cultured meat is 100% meat, simply made without the animal. Cultured meat is also 100% the future! See how we’re making meat here.

  • How is cultured meat made?

    Cultured meat is made when we gather a few animal cells from a live animal, and then culture them – like yogurt or beer – until we have enough cells to create animal tissue, or meat.

    Read all about it here

  • Is cultured meat...actually meat?

    Yes! 100% real meat.

  • Is cultured meat “fake meat”?

    No, cultured meat is 100% meat, just made in a different way. Check the details here.

  • Is cultured meat plant-based?

    No, it is made from animal cells, not plants, just like farmed meat. We get this question a lot! Read our full answer here.

  • Is cultured meat vegan?

    No. Although it is made without slaughtering or harming any animals, we do use animal cells. So it cannot be called vegan, in our eyes. You can read more about that here.

  • Is cultured meat healthy?

    Yes! Our cultured meat is healthier for pets as it will include nutrients commonly missing from most commercial foods, and will be made from the protein sources your pet evolved eating — such as mouse for cats, and rabbit for dogs. Read more here.

  • Is cultured meat safe?


    Our products will be safer than animal meat, which can cause significant pet allergies, and can be dangerously contaminated. This is because we grow it in a sterile environment. It will be safer, cleaner, healthier and better for the planet! Read all about it here.

  • Is cultured meat better for the environment?


    The devastating effects of factory farming – rainforest destruction, dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, the release of climate-harming methane in the air, to name a few problems for animal agriculture – are some of the primary reasons we need cultured meat. You can read more here.

  • Why are you making cultured meat for cats and dogs?

    We looked at what’s currently in pet food, the problems with producing it, and know we can do better.

  • Do you harm animals to make cultured meat?

    No, we don’t. 

    • We don’t slaughter or otherwise cause harm to any animals. If we are collecting cells from a live animal, we use non-invasive methods, similar to an ear piercing, to get a small amount of cells. We also use anesthetic. This procedure is done by a veterinarian.
    • We don’t use fetal bovine serum, known as FBS, to culture our meats. We’ve created our own solution that doesn’t include any animal serums.
    • We don’t discard or destroy any animal that we’ve collected cells from. We make sure these animals live the rest of their natural lives in the safest, most comfortable habitat available to them.

    We called our company Because, Animals specifically because we care about all animals. 


  • Where are your supplements made?

    Our supplements are made in Des Moines, Iowa. 

  • Do you source any ingredients, directly or indirectly, from China?


    We have nothing against China in general, but we do see persistent issues with the supply chain there and have a difficult time auditing the quality of ingredients coming from China. Thus we don’t use any ingredients or other materials from China. 

  • Are your supplements organic?

    We use all-organic ingredients, save for our seaweed. It is the only ingredient in the supplement that is not certified organic. Our seaweed – we use seven different varieties! – comes from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and thus are not certified organic. 

  • Are your supplements all-natural?

    Yes! No synthetics, pharmaceuticals or any additives are used.

  • What are the ingredients in your supplements?

    We endeavor to use only super healthy, functional ingredients. You can see a full list here

  • How long will the supplement last my dog?

    That depends on the size of your dog! There are approximately thirty teaspoons in each pouch. The recommended serving sizes per day are:

    WEIGHT                                           AMOUNT                   HOW LONG WILL IT LAST

    10 lbs or under                                 1/4 teaspoon                          4 months

    11-25 lbs                                          1/2 teaspoon                          2 months

    26-60 lbs                                          1 teaspoon                             1 month

    61 lbs and over                                1-2 teaspoon                  2 weeks  to 1 month

  • How long will the supplement last my cat?

    Cats are generally a similar size, and our supplement will last a very long time for cats. There are approximately thirty teaspoons in each pouch. The recommended serving sizes per day are:

    WEIGHT                                           AMOUNT                   HOW LONG WILL IT LAST

    14 lbs or under                                 1/4 teaspoon                         4 months

    15 lbs and over                                1/2 teaspoon                         2 months

  • When is the expiry date?

    You will be able to find the expiration date stamped on your package. The supplement is very sturdy and has a shelf life of almost two years. 

  • Does the probiotic need to be refrigerated?


    It is a very sturdy, shelf-stable, human grade probiotic. It actually diminishes the durability of the probiotic by putting it in the fridge!

  • Is it powdered?

    Yes. We use whole foods that are naturally dried and ground into powder. That’s why we call them Sprinkles!


  • Where are your cookies made?

    Our cookies are made in the USA, from ingredients from the USA. We bake the cookies in the Green Mountain State, Vermont. 

  • Are your cookies organic?

    Yes. They are USDA organic, certified by the Vermont Organic Farmers. 

  • What does “Noochies” mean?

    Noochies are our name for our cookies because our hero ingredient is Nooch. Nooch is a “pet name” for Nutritional Yeast, an ancient form of inactive yeast that is both tasty and packed with vitamins. It is a complete protein for dogs, containing all the essential amino acids a dog needs. 

  • What is nutritional yeast? 

    Nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast used to season foods or increase palatability. It’s been included in pet foods for decades. 

    Read more about our love of nooch here.

  • Is nutritional yeast healthy for dogs?
    Do you source any ingredients, directly or indirectly, from China?


    Nothing against China, we just can’t audit the quality of ingredients coming from this vast, otherwise amazing place. 

  • Are your cookies all-natural?

    Yes, only natural, non-GMO ingredients, organic when possible.

  • What are the ingredients in your cookies?

    Our ingredients are listed on the back of the package, and you can read more about them here.

  • How many cookies are there in a bag?

    About 120!


  • When are you making dog food?

    We should have a complete nutrition dog food out soon!

  • When are you making cat food?

    We should have a complete nutrition cat food out soon!


  • What is your return policy?

    We want your animal to be happy, so if your cat or dog is not happy, we will give you your money back. No shipping us back anything or taking photos of the product. Just email us!

    We call it our Happy Pet Guarantee.


  • How long does it take to ship?

    It generally takes three to four days to get a package to anywhere in the continental United States. If your package is late or didn’t arrive, please send us an email.

  • Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?

    Sorry, not at this time. We’ll get there soon!

  • Do you ship anywhere else in the world?

    Sorry, not at this time. Though check with your local pet food store or search us on Amazon in your area, we may have some products available.


  • Where are you located?

    We are an American company, headquartered in Chicago. The problems we are addressing are global, and so we have offices in Canada and Europe.

  • Are you owned by any big pet food companies?

    No! We are an independent company, founded by two animal-lovers, Dr. Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett. Read more about us here.

  • Can I work at Because Animals?

    If we’re going to change the way we feed our animals, we’re gonna need some help! Email us your resume and a short paragraph about how you can help!

  • I have an idea for a cat or dog food item, who can I pitch?

    You must think a lot about what you feed your animals! That’s great. Send us an email here.