Introducing Harmless Hunt™ Mouse Cookies for Cats

Omega fatty acids: Sunflower and flaxseed

Sustainable packaging: Post-consumer recycled material

Cultured mouse: 

The cat's native protein source

Pumpkin purée for soluble fiber

The world's first cultured meat cat treat:

A cookie you can feel good about!

Umami flavors: Tempeh, miso, and nutritional yeast 

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No harm done!

Our Harmless Hunt™ Mouse Cookie for Cats not only marks the world’s first cultured meat for pets, but it’s also the first cookie for cats that includes the cat’s native protein source — mouse! And not a single mouse was harmed for its meat. 

We blended our cultured mouse meat with other nutritious ingredients, such as tempeh, miso, nutritional yeast, pumpkin purée, flaxseeds and more, to make a super tasty cultured mouse cat treat! 

Why are we doing this?

Our ultimate goal is to take animals out of the pet food supply chain. Easing our reliance on animal agriculture will have multiple, positive effects such as:

  • We will lessen the burden that animal agriculture takes on the planet. Did you know that more than a quarter of the environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry is directly attributed to the foods that Americans feed their cats and dogs!

  • We will create safer, healthier foods and treats for cats and dogs with no risk to pet (and public) health in terms of bacterial contamination, antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases.