Our Mission

The status quo in commercial pet food manufacture relies on intensive animal agriculture—an unsustainable, inhumane and destructive technology that is bad for people, pets, farm animals and our planet.

Because Animals believes that factory farming has no place in pet nutrition. We believe that feeding our pets a nutritious diet should not come at the expense of supporting an industry that poses a direct threat to public health, the well being of other animals and our environment.

That’s why Because Animals products are made without slaughtering any animals. 

We use cultured ingredients including probiotics, nutritional yeast, and cultured meat to create nutritious, sustainable pet food. We eliminate risk factors such as contamination and disease in the supply chain by using safe, scalable ingredients.

This means that not only are our products made without inflicting harm on other animals, they are also naturally free of antibiotics and growth-promoting steroids—both of which are used in the mass production of factory farmed animals, and both of which are bad for your pet.

And did we mention our packaging? The last thing our world needs is more garbage or more plastic. That’s why all of our packaging is 100% compostable.

Because Animals is a small company with a big mission: to create a world of healthy, happy pets without harming other animals or our environment.