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Pet Product News

Because Animals, a pet nutrition startup, is introducing a clean meat pet food made from meat grown without the animal.

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A pet nutrition startup is aiming to launch a line of clean meat for cats made from cultured mouse cells.

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Companies plan to serve up chicken, beef burgers and mouse-meat cat treats in the coming years, all without the need to slaughter a single animal.

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BBC News

Because Animals' CEO Shannon is featured in a mini-documentary on what we feed our cats. 

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Popular Science

Read about the companies seeking a better future for animals everywhere – starting with their pet's bowls. Because Animals and our CEO Shannon featured prominently!

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Because Animals uses algae to create animal-free supplements for cats and dogs, and plans to debut companion-animal food made with clean meat once the slaughter-free product is available.

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Because Animals cofounder Joshua talks about why there needs to be better choices in the pet food aisles.

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Plant Based News

Because Animals aims to offer products that are 'nutrient-packed, human-grade, and environmentally sustainable'.

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Pet Business Magazine

Because Animals is a new pet food company focused on nutritious pet food made without meat. Not only are Because Animals products made without inflicting harm on farmed animals, they are also naturally free of antibiotics and growth-promoting steroids.

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