The Cultured Pet Food Company

Because Animals is all about cultured ingredients!

Our first product to launch was our Superfood & Probiotic Supplement, made with the cultured ingredient, Bacillus coagulans. This all-natural, human-grade supplement, one for cats and one for dogs, contains over 250 million probiotics per gram. The health benefits of this bacterial strain have been reported by over two dozen peer-reviewed research papers, with findings that the probiotic can help support improved digestion and immunity. 

Our second product, Noochies, is a certified organic, human-grade dog cookie. The cookie is named after its star cultured ingredient, nutritional yeast, commonly known as Nooch by its human fans. Nooch is well-loved for its rich, cheesy, umami taste and its high content of B vitamins and sustainable, complete protein.

Most significantly, our marquee product, hitting the marked in 2021 will be a revolutionary line of cultured meat pet food products. 

Cultured meat is meat grown without raising or slaughtering animals. It is grown in a way that is similar to how tissue develops in an animal, except that cultured meat begins with a small collection of animal cells that are grown in a nutrient-rich environment outside the animal.

Cultured meat has the same nutritional value and composition as animal­-based meat. It is, in fact, meat. Though in contrast to traditional meat, our cultured meat is grown without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones; and without animal suffering and slaughter. And it doesn’t cause environmental damage.