A powerful probiotic for pets

Happy, helpful bacteria, also known as probiotics.

Happy, helpful bacteria, also known as probiotics.

More about the probiotic included in our supplements for dogs and cats.

Healthy digestion

Just like in humans, the intestines of cats and dogs are filled with bacteria. And when healthy (aka, probiotic) bacteria abound, this means better overall health, including enhanced immunity, and digestion. Our supplements have more than 250 million active probiotic cultures per serving!


Prebiotics are not be confused probiotics—while probiotics are the live, healthy bacteria, prebiotics are the "food" these healthy bacteria need. Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the intestine of your pet—and the presence of prebiotics results a number of health benefits.

Only the best!

When it comes to your pet, there are lots of probiotics to choose from. But for our supplement blend, we wanted to include the best. That’s why we chose Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086—a probiotic strain whose safety, and benefits to digestive, immune, and overall health have been proven by more than 20 scientific studies.