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SUPERFOOD Supplement

Nutrient-loaded superfoods are great for people, and they’re even more important for our cats and dogs.

Our Superfood Supplement is made using a combination of marine and land-derived superfoods — all human-grade, premium-quality ingredients carefully chosen to pack a nutritional punch, delivering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more health-promoting essentials.

Here are just a handful of benefits that you can expect when feeding your pet our Superfood Supplement:

  • Shinier coat and softer skin.
  • Healthy digestion.
  • Robust immunity.
  • Thyroid and metabolic health.

And all this comes from nature.

Think about it: nowhere in nature will you find a bowl of dried dog kibble, or a can of wet cat food. The intense manufacturing process of modern pet food results in the loss of many nutrients that play key roles in your pet’s health and longevity. Commercial pet foods have all of the components needed for your pet to survive, but what most foods lack are the nutrients essential for your pet to thrive.

Because Animals Superfood Supplement is formulated with superfoods—from both the land and sea—rich in those very nutrients missing from most commercial pet foods.

These nutrients include antioxidants, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, fiber and prebiotics. Probiotics are not technically considered nutrients, but since they’re also really good for optimal health, we’ve included them in our supplement as well.

Check out all the ingredients here.