What customers are saying about our Superfood Supplements


"If I'm very consistent about giving it to our cat Louis, his poop smells far less bad, if at all. That’s a huge plus for condo dwellers!"

- Sigrun and Louis

This Superfood Supplement worked wonders for my dogs.”
— Morganne

"My dog Scarlett has always had digestion issues for as long as I’ve had her. We’ve tried other supplements for digestion and overall wellness, however none of them helped her. About a month ago we heard about Because Animals and wanted to give it a try. The first thing that drew me to them was their ingredients. Not only could I pronounce them all but they were all good for my dog, things like blueberries, pumpkin, and turmeric were included. I’ve got some picky pups who don’t like things added to their food, so I mixed the supplement in with their daily goats milk and they loved it!

After 2-3 weeks of giving it to them daily, I noticed Scarlett’s digestion issues were pretty much gone, and I noticed an overall health and wellness difference in both Scarlett and Boh (my other dog). I had always had such a hard time with supplements but this Superfood Supplement worked wonders for my dogs, I highly recommend it! We are fans for life!"

- Morganne, Scarlett and Boh


Skin and Coat

"Reggie was getting grey spots on his face and back, but since we started using Because, his colors have come right back. He's a black poodle again!"

- Denise and Reggie


"I have been giving my two Havanese the Superfood Supplement and you can tell the difference. My eight-year-old Rosie used to lie around all day, had no pep and was not playful. You should see her now! She is very active, peppy and loves to play and run around the yard chasing Amia. Their coats are shiny too!"

- Liz F., Rosie and Amia

Overall health

"I'm very confident in the effectiveness of the product just based on the high quality ingredients that are used. I wanted to mention that one of my dogs is VERY picky and she has cleaned her plate every morning I have put Because Animals on her food."

- Craig N.

"I was looking for a 'sprinkle on' supplement that I could mix in with my dogs homemade fresh food and this is it! He gobbled it up so it must taste good to him. No weird smell like some others. I take vitamins, so why wouldn’t I give them to my dog too.

This is a winner!"

- Kristina